Protect Your Family from Malaria and other Mosquito-Transmitted Diseases

During the rainy season, mosquitos have a lot of locations wherein it will be a conducive environment for them to breed. Malaria being one of the most life-threatening diseases transmitted to people from mosquitos became a big deal when they coined the term “Airport Malaria”. That’s right, everyone! No clearance needed; these mosquitos can ride the airplane from a malaria-endemic region and we have flights coming in everyday at the airport.  

Immigrant mosquitos breeding during the rainy season can be a big problem! Here are a few tips on how you can protect you and your family from mosquito transmitted diseases: 


  1. Use a Mosquito / Insect repellant 

There are a lot of insect repellants nowadays since there’s a lot of advancement now with technology and it’s not only just bug sprays anymore. You have a lot of options to choose from. The most commonly used in households are these bug sprays and incense, but these types of repellants usually have a strong odor. 

Automatic room fresheners also called “Aerosol Dispensers” are a thing now. It’s a small automatic device that releases a spray of air freshener every hour, or sometimes it depends upon the timer you set it on. Air freshener canisters usually have a mosquito repellant feature. 

There are also mosquito repellant creams, patches, bracelets and other wearables readily available in the local drugstore. 


  1. Go for long sleeves or jackets and pants 

You can never go wrong by wearing extra protection on your skin especially when visiting areas prone to mosquitos. Have a jacket and jogging pants handy with you if you’re visiting areas that have a high-risk of this mosquito transmitted disease.  

If it’s hot, especially for people with sensitivity to hot weather, long sleeves that are cool and a little loose as well as square pants would be the way to go, or if you’re not into that, you can never go wrong with mesh fashion. Mesh clothes fabric is similar to bed nets but with style. It’s like you’re wearing a fashionable insect repellant! 


  1. Use bed nets sprayed with insecticides and stay in well screened areas at night 

While sleeping, we don’t really know what is happening around us, that’s why sometimes when we wake up, there’s probably a random mosquito bite you didn’t really feel but when you see it, you’re curious as to where it came from. That ends now!  

With bed nets you can keep yourself and your family safe from these mosquitos that’ll invade you during your sleep. Bed nets are very thin though and aren’t really cost effective if you have pets around like cats that can easily rip it apart, or kids that want to play pull on the soft fabric that’s protecting us from malaria. But If you live alone and is very careful with this very thin fabric, go for bed nets. 


Screens are a good investment for your home if you have pets and kids. Besides protection from mosquitos, there are screens that provide shade and privacy that can block your visibility from the outside. Newly installed screens usually wear out fast and that’s why screen repair and rescreening services by Port St Lucie Rescreening in the greater Port St Lucie, FL area offers a variety of screening service that can help you protect your family from malaria.  


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