Useful Hacking Ideas in Painting the Wall with Stripes

A wall in our home can define a kind of living that we have in our house as it depicts the characteristic of someone or anyone living there. You could add different kinds of designs and styles on your wall to make it look even more attractive to the eyes and could set good atmosphere overall. Retaining wall contractor Des Moines can be hired if you need someone to paint or to make sure that your wall is made from good and high standard materials. Make sure that you can get someone who will work professionally so that you can achieve the result that you want for your house and most especially to your walls.

In designing the wall, you may choose your own favorite color or you could have a great painting of your admired cartoon character that your kids like. For most of the teenagers, they would prefer to have a plain background or having stripes as it could give them more good attraction to the room. Stripes designs are commonly used and be seen to some huge rooms or even to the bathroom of the house to give a very good accent. You may choose between a horizontal stripe or the other one which is the vertical and you can do it on your own as well.

You just need to follow the useful hacking ideas listed here whenever you are decided to paint your rooms with stripes.

  1. Horizontal Lines or Vertical Option: You need to finalize your mind if you are going to go for a vertical line or just have the horizontal option. In this way, you would be able to come up with your own measurement and to get to know the plan on how to make things possible.
  2. Match the Perfect Colors: You also need to come up with a very unique color combination for your stripes. You may choose any color as long as it would perfectly match with one another so that it won’t look very funny after having it. You may choose from your favorite colors down to the one that attracts you the most. You can get more ideas online for this and try to see if you like it.
  3. Set Aside Your Room’s Stuff: You don’t want your things to be damaged or to be painted with different color so you better put them out of the room.
  4. Secure a Base Color Paint: Before you start with the colors that you have chosen, you need secure a base paint first like color white so that you can achieve an even paint color.
  5. Measure with a Ruler for A Precise Line: You can use the ruler to check the measurement of the line and use a pencil to mark it.
  6. Use the Tapes: If you are going to alternate that color, then you may use a tape to cover the other parts.
  7. Let It Dry Completely: Before you put back your wall decorations, you have to make sure that it is totally dry.
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