A List of Inspiring Actors and Actresses

There is so much that life can teach us, with all that reality reminds us every day, there is so much more in the little magic that is here. Actors and actresses like Michael Coleman, create a world where magic is possible. They show us compelling stories that gives others motivations, inspirations and even discovering a part of themselves.

It is always a great gift to be part of a legacy that is something bigger. Being an actor and actress isn’t just about the glitz and glamour that always comes along when you are in the screen. It’s more than that, it can be a platform to tell your story. To give attention to issues that would make for a better world or worse, it depends on you.

Actors and Actresses


One of the most iconic actors of all time he played the joker in Batman. He struggled with getting away from what Hollywood dubbed him as. However, he was able to move on from that and create a whole new something for himself. Which is a lot better and totally put him on the running as one of the most inspiring actors.


An actress that truly showed how versatile she can be. Born from parents that is in the entertainment industry she is someone who paved the way of showing that women are also very good in acting. She would totally make you love or hate her depending on what is needed from her character. Her movies are certainly something that you should check out.


One of the most diverse actor out there. Leonardo DiCaprio can play out so many characters that could be considered inspiring even to non- artist. They surely know how to play with their ideas on their own. He is known for being good at improvising his characters dialogues that fit him more than we can ever think of.


One of the few women that could surely be considered a woman of true art. She is as inspiring as beguiling she is when she plays a character. Meryl Streep has played quiet a number of roles that is pretty good out there. From a lovable character to a scary demanding character she can capture it with a flare of her own.


He played quite a number of characters on screen, and no matter what anyone said. He is an actor that will capture you’re attention whether he is a devils barber or a pirate. He is literally something that could be considered a chameleon in the acting world. So, it just proves that he is that good with his job.

These people are some of the few of the hundreds of amazing actors, singers, painters, music composers, directors out there that could be inspiring to just about anyone. You just have to keep an open mind and meet the people you think is confident enough for you.

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